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Artist: Evan Parker

21 Nov Evan Parker photograph by Caroline Forbes

Evan Parker was born in Bristol in 1944.  At the age of fourteen he began playing the alto saxophone.  He eventually switched to tenor and soprano after being influenced by John Coltrane.  In 1962 he attended Birmingham University but a trip to New York where he heard the Cecil Taylor trio prompted him to change his path. Through the years he found other players that shared his passion for jazz. In 1970 he joined the Alex von Schlippenbach Trio, which he is still apart of today.  For the pas fourty years Parker mostly preforms free improvised jazz either as a soloist or within a group. Parker has collaborated with everyone from Cecil Taylor, Paul Bley & Anthony Braxton, to Scott Walker, Robert Wyatt and Squarepusher  As well as being a part of the European improvising force he has also collaborated with many American innovators and has been sought out by experimental fringe artist.

Evan Parker is an experienced and masterful jazz artist who has been a regular with the Vortex Jazz Club for well over five years.  He curates his performances as well as takes lead on the Evan Parker: Might I Suggest Festival, that is held monthly.  He is one of Europe’s most innovative and intriguing saxophonists, which is why he keeps audiences coming back for more.


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