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Digital Africa: Experimental Video Art Screening 25 May 19:30

Open Source and YaPhoto present an evening of projections showcasing African and Diaspora video artists.

Bringing together artists whose work explore personal or collective narratives, YaPhoto Beams will propose videos ranging from pure aesthetic and visual experiments, to addressing local and global issues affecting the present, and how new forms of social engagement are conveyed in moving images.

Launched in Yaounde in September 2016, YaPhoto ( is an independent platform promoting Cameroonian photography and lens-based practices both locally and internationally. This London projection marks the introduction of video art in the project and the opening of the platform to artists from the African continent. It is also a preview of the programme of events that will take place in Cameroon next November as part of YaPhoto 2017.

Open Source is an artist-led initiative based in Hackney, East London. Open Source develops sustainable systems and challenges preconceptions about arts and identities through cultural experiences and exchange.



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