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Over the years Dreamtime has existed in three different forms, a quintet, a sextet and a ten piece. This is the most recent incarnation of this long standing band.
This group contains six members of the tentet. The music, as ever contains many world influences and the intent is always toward the joyous.

Gary Curson, Alto
Jim Dvorjak, Trumpet
Kevin Davy, Trumpet
Alan Tomlinson, Trombone
John Edwards, Bass
Jim Lebaigue, Drums

“Few bands confound the stereotyped expectations aroused by the words ‘free improvisation’ as thoroughly as Dreamtime. Most radically, they utilise structure to a far greater extent than might be expected from musicians with their track records; they also draw freely on an extraordinary diversity of traditions, from Tibetan and Native American chants to African and Chinese music. But, perhaps most importantly, they surprise those who expect improvised music to be sternly esoteric and inaccessible by imbuing everything they play with a highly affecting brand of fierce joy” Chris Parker, The Times

“Provocative, stylish, and full of energy” The Guardian

“For a small ensemble, they build up quite a racket. And, if it sounds like I’m getting madly evangelical about this line-up, then I probably am” Time Out

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