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Pulcinella / Hannes Riepler Quintet / FUTUREthno

Part of the EFG London Jazz Festival

Match&Fuse & The Vortex present Pulcinella (France), Hannes Riepler Quintet (UK), and Futurethno (Ukraine/Poland)

This exciting triple bill brings some of the UK’s finest players together with two highly talented bands from Ukraine/Poland and France. “FUTUREthno” mix ethnic motifs with a large helping of electronica; Pulicinella’s combination of fantasy & on-stage theatrics recalls a fairytale world; while Hannes Riepler’s Quintet stylishly combine the immediacy of New York’s propulsive Downtown style with classical and folk textures.


FUTUREthno” mix ethnic motifs with a large helping of electronic music. This particularly interesting vision of folklore is a bold interpretation and the essence of the project transfers the spirit of folk song into the arena of modern jazz.. Original folk melodies from Poland and Ukraine are mixed with energy and tinges of contemporary classical music.


Circus Orchestra “Pulcinella” take up a “multilingual” discourse with popular, rich and lively music from the past and present from here and elsewhere. A FilmNoir taste of fantasy mixed with theatrics on stage recall the world of fairytales.

Hannes Riepler Quintet

Hannes Riepler Quintet. Since moving to London from Austria, guitarist Riepler has made his mark on the city’s vibrant jazz scene, not only for his outstanding, inventive guitar skill and freewheeling energy, but as an extraordinarily talented composer. Tonight he’s joined by four truly exciting young musicians:

Hannes Riepler (guitar)
Tom Challenger (sax)
Kit Downes (piano)
Ryan Trebilcock (bass) Jon Scott (drums)

Match&Fuse gratefully acknowledges support from the Polish Cultural Institute, London for the appearance of Futurethno

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