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Celebrating MIKE GIBBS 80th birthday with an all star band. Exclusive London dates on 25 and 27 September.
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Return to Vegas. A play with music by Roland Gift

A musical as a work in progress by Roland Gift, known for Fine Young Cannibals. The piece is sent in a night club on New Years Eve: Act One is a wake for Frank Wheeler and in Act Two the club is open for business.

“It’s what Frank would have liked”.

Based on a true story that didn’t happen.
Johnny Holloway, ex – boxer, ex – pop star, ex – con is released from prison on the same day as his friend and mentor Frank Wheeler’s funeral.

At the wake Johnny finds he’s inherited Frank’s place Club Vegas usurping Ricky, Franks only son. Johnny didn’t plan on sticking around, Ricky wants him run out of town, what they both want to know is, Carol, where does fit in now?

Ricky to Johnny – “ I can see it now on reality TV, from lifestyles of the rich and famous to hard time’s as a benefit claimant, or maybe not ‘cause no one gives a f**K who you used to be”

A crime musical in rhyme featuring songs from the FYC (Fine Young Cannibals) and Roland Gift.

A platform performance of a work in progress.

When fully staged it will be performed clubs, anywhere there’s a room with a bar at one end and a stage the other, in between the audience will sit at tables and chairs immersed in the action.

The play is set in Club Vegas on New Years Eve except for the prologue which is Christmas eve with RICKY at PEARL the barmaids flat and then the hospital when RICKY visits FRANK.

The piece will last about 2 hours plus an interval, although this isn’t it’s final staging and a work in progress we think in this form it will still offer great evenings entertainment.

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