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Cancelled – Sam Eastmond’s Historical Treasures of Atlantis


Music inspired by Jack Smith.  

Composer Sam Eastmond (Spike Orchestra, Gulgoleth) composed this book of music specifically for this very special group of musicians. Featuring some of the scenes most outrageous improvisers, this music is inspired by film maker and artist Jack Smith, legendary hero of the Downtown scene and is created and assembled in the moment.

Noel Langley, Charlotte Keeffe, Sam Eastmond – Trumpets
Sarah Gail Brand – Trombone
Tom Briers – Tuba
Mike Wilkins – Alto Sax
Damon Oliver – Tenor Sax
Cath Roberts – Baritone Sax
Shirley Smart – Cello
Rob Updegraff – Guitar
Steve Beresford – Piano
Paul Moylan – Bass
Marco Quarantotto – Drums
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