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Membership & volunteering

This page is in the process of being updated. For information about membership please email:


Membership and volunteering are two great ways of being a more active part of our community.



Becoming a member is a great way to support the Vortex and help us keep our position as a key player in the community of jazz and the community of jazz. And, what’s more, you can gain benefits from regular attendance.

Members help us sustain our status as a not-for-profit organisation and are key to helping us provide a stage for performances that challenge Britain’s cultural mainstream, night after night. You can buy a membership for yourself or as a gift for the music nutter in your life, and know that you’re helping us survive.



SINGLE MEMBERSHIP: £100 per annum

DOUBLE MEMBERSHIP:  £150 per annum

CONCESSION MEMBERSHIP:  £75 per annum (JSA claimants & pensioners)




– 50% off tickets for live performances on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday*
– 20% off tickets for live performances on Friday, Saturday*
– 50% off tickets for livestream performances
– Access to members pre-sale for special gigs
– Free entry to our Sunday evening Vortex Jam sessions
– 20% off Vortex merchandise
* exceptions may apply


Vortex is more than a venue: We’re a community of musicians and music lovers who generously give their talents, time and money to make this place a thriving hub of artistic development and cultural exchange. If a jazz club could survive purely on passion and musical quality, then the Vortex would be the richest club in the world. But it needs financial assistance, however small.

It’s run as a not-for-profit company limited by guarantee. That means that there are no shareholders, no distribution of dividends and all surplus income can be recycled into helping the club.



Time is as valuable to us as money. Our dedicated team of volunteers are at the heart of the club and its activities. If we didn’t have volunteers there’d be no-one to unlock the door for musicians, do the sound, serve at the bar…

Our volunteers make sure every night and every gig is played in a uniquely friendly atmosphere. Becoming part of the team means you can listen to the music you love for free, discover new bands and musicians – and make new friends. Volunteers run the front of house and bar at all our gigs and often provide sound engineering. They help us set up before the start of the gig, work the bar, the door, and help to clear up at the end of the night.

But volunteers also help the club in other, less public ways. You can, if you wish, help in the office, just by answering the phone or more, distribute our monthly flyers in your own home area. Just ask and let us know what your skills are.

More skilled volunteers can assist with finance, technology, legal issues, social media and marketing. These specialist skills are always in demand.

We love and appreciate every single volunteer because they’re all amazing! If you want to become an part of our family here’s what you need to know:

  • You’ll generally need to be able to commit to two gigs/month
  • Hours are typically 7pm – 11.30pm on an evening, sometimes later at weekends
  • You do not need bar experience to become a volunteer
  • You do need to like people and talking to people
  • If you’re thinking of joining us as an engineer, please note that you must be qualified as we don’t have the facility to provide training. Students towards the end of their course looking to gain more live engineering experience are welcome and will be assessed on a case by case basis.

We are also looking for volunteers who can help with activities in the office, such as administration, IT, and even just answering the phone. (You never know who you might meet.)

  • For all enquiries or to get involved, contact us at



At different times, we have been fortunate that there have been major supporters who have helped in buying our Steinway grand piano (one of the few in a jazz club in this country), our lights and PA equipment. A crowdfunding operation in 2016 helped pay work to upgrade the piano. You can support the club in other ways, such as sponsoring a gig, long-term monthly payments, help with improving our equipment or contributions by donating here:

Turn your unwanted CDs or books into live music

Donate your old CDs or books. We sell them on and use all the money raised to keep the performances going. Email:



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