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New Vortex Jazz Club Limited Covid-19 Risk Assessment and Risk Management Plan (Updated December 2021)

New Vortex Jazz Club Limited Covid-19 Risk Assessment and Risk Management Plan (Updated December 2021)

The Vortex is committed to taking all reasonable steps to provide a Covid-safe environment. Following the news of the Omicron variant we have carried out an updated Covid-19 risk assessment in consultation with staff. This risk assessment takes into account updated government guidance, in particular the “Events and Attractions” guidance (updated 9 December 2021), which applies to performing arts venues.

At the date of carrying out this risk assessment the available data appears to suggest that Omicron is more transmissible than previous variants but that outcomes are not appreciably worse in terms of the seriousness of the illness, hospitalisation or death. This of course may change as more data becomes available and if the situation worsens then this risk assessment will be reviewed.

All measures set out in this risk assessment apply to both the downstairs bar and upstairs club space (unless it is clear from the context that they apply only to one or the other).


Face Coverings

We ask that face coverings are worn at all times by everyone using any part of the premises, upstairs and downstairs, except that:

  • musicians do not need to wear a face covering whilst performing and
  • audience members do not need to wear a face covering whilst seated (but must wear one when going to the toilet or otherwise moving around in the building).

This does not apply to people who are exempt by law from the requirement to wear a face covering.


There will be a regular supply of hand sanitiser available at all times.

Automatic no-contact hand sanitiser dispensers are provided at various locations in the premises.

Prominent notices will be displayed encouraging the regular use of hand sanitiser and regular hand washing by all users of the premises.


Audiences and musicians will be informed via the website of the systems adopted by the club to deal with Covid-19 and what is expected of them. In particular no-one must enter any part of the building if they are required to self-isolate or have (or think they may have) Covid symptoms. We ask that audience members and musicians do a LF test on the day that they are due to attend and do not attend if it is positive.


To mitigate the risk of transmission of Covid-19 upstairs the premises will be thoroughly cleaned before each use of the club, whether for a gig or a day hire.

A copy of the pre-gig cleaning instructions issued to night managers is included as an appendix to this risk assessment

During the evening there will be regular cleaning of frequently used surfaces.

Any fliers left on tables will be binned at the end of the evening.

The downstairs bar will be thoroughly cleaned each day before opening and will be regularly cleaned during opening hours. In particular when a customer or group of customers leaves their table and chairs must be thoroughly cleaned before use by the next customer. Toilets will be cleaned regularly during opening hours.

Upstairs gigs


For the time being the capacity of the club will be limited to a seated audience of 60. This will be kept under review.

Tickets (including members tickets) should be booked in advance via the website.

We will continue to have two houses per night. Doors will open for the first house at 7 with music at 7 30. There will be one set of 60/70 minutes duration. Doors will open for the second house at 9 with music at 9 30. There will be one set of 60/70 minutes duration.

The premises will be cleaned between the two houses (as set out in the appendix).

Audiences will be asked to leave promptly once the performance has finished to allow the premises to be cleaned between houses and cleared at the end of the evening.


Windows will be left open to ventilate the premises before doors open. They may have to be closed during the performance due to noise leakage. Windows will be opened between houses and after the end of the evening’s performances.

For health and safety reasons fire doors must not be left open.


Hand sanitiser will be provided outside toilets to be used before entering and exiting. Signage will be put up to this effect.

Posters will be displayed outside the toilets and in the toilets themselves giving guidance on correct handwashing procedures.

Toilets will be regularly cleaned during the evening.

Sound engineers

The sound engineer will be responsible for cleaning equipment at the end of the gig.

Background music

People having to raise their voices increases the risk of aerosol transmission so background music will be kept low to avoid this risk.

Office/Green Room

This room will continue to have a dual function. Musicians should use only the “sofa area” not the office area.

Staff should continue to work from home unless their work requires them to be on the premises. Staff meetings will continue to be conducted via Zoom.

The windows in the office should be opened from time to time to allow for ventilation.

Downstairs bar

The outer doors should be opened regularly to ventilate the premises (unless for weather or other reasons this is not reasonably practicable).

Background music will be kept low to avoid people having to raise voices which increases the risk of transmission.


Reviewed and revised: December 2021

Vortex Jazz Club










Appendix – Cleaning guidance


Night managers should ensure that the following cleaning is carried out before doors are open to the public:

Sofas and any other seating to be used by musicians in the green room (tell the musicians to use the sofa area only and not the rest of the office)

Outer and inner downstairs front door handles

Stairwell banister

Inner and outer office door handles

Bar top

Fridge and glasswasher handles

Tables (after being positioned)

Chairs (after being positioned)

Windowsill surface

Inner and outer door handles to toilet corridor

Banister in toilet corridor

Inner and outer toilet door handles and locks

Sink, taps and mirrors

Toilet handle

Toilet seats

Also wipe light switches and intercom with a disinfectant wipe – do not use spray cleaner on light switches for safety reasons

Allow half an hour to do this cleaning.

Please do an extra clean of the toilet corridor and toilet surfaces listed above before the gig starts.




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