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Venue Specifications


Fully licenced bar; Licenced until 2am; capacity 100 max 1st floor & 70 ground floor

Floor dimensions

  • Length 32ft or 10m
  • Width 17ft or 5m

Stage dimensions

  • Depth 10ft or 3m
  • Width 17ft or 5m


Different arrangements of the tables and chairs in the space are possible – here are a few examples:


  • PA system (see below for full details)
  • Projector and screen (details below)
  • Use of the Steinway grand piano (by arrangement)
  • Seating: up to 75 seated, different layouts available by arrangement
  • Soft drinks and tea and coffee available
  • Catering: sandwiches and snacks to full hot meals available – click here for menu.
  • Bar: good range of wine and beer available
  • Window black-outs: Windows can be blacked-out for film screenings or slide shows.
  • Disabled access:  There is a disabled access lift . There are adjoining toilet facilities.
  • Air-conditioning

Tech – Audio / Visual specifications

Projector: Optoma HD 1080P. VGA feed installed, source can be located onstage or at sound booth.

Screen: 2.5m white pull-down screen fixed at back of stage


Logic System PA with 2 front of stage speakers and 2 monitors plusLS distribution system 16 Channel

Mackie ONYX 1640i 16 channel mixing desk

Behringer Ultragraph FBQ-Pro graphic EQ

Klark-Teknik DN 332 Dual graphic EQ ( For Monitors)

Alesis Quadraverb Multi FX (reverb, delay, chorus, etc)

Stage Line 4 way DI Box


Shure SM58 x 3

Schertler “grand piano” Transducer microphones x 2

XLR to XLR leads x 8

Jack to jack lead x 1


LED based lighting system with separate DMX console for control and dimming

LED Spotlights x 8


Music stands x 10 (not matching)

Microphone stands x 7

Back line

Steinway B grand piano

Fender Deluxe guitar amplifier

Fender Princeton Chorus guitar amplifier

Mark bass amplifier

Premier drum kit (18″ kick, 14″ floor tom, 12″ & 10″ rack toms, snare drum, hi-hat & cymbal stands, drum stool, pedal)



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