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Rehearsals and Recordings

Vortex offers discounted rates for musicians wanting to rehearse or record at the club as part of our wider policy of supporting the creation and performance of new music. Unlike most rehearsal spaces our rates also includes use of our backline.



Rehearsal rates:

Weekdays (10am-6pm)                                     £15 per hour

Weekends & Bank Holidays                             £20 per hour

Full day (more than 6 hours )                                        £90

Full day (more than 6 hours) at weekend                   £120


  • Includes full use of space (capacity 100) including Steinway B grand piano, drum kit, guitar and bass amps, and PA – click here for full list of backline
  • Great for larger bands or groups using piano
  • Special tuning of the Steinway B piano is extra.
  • Double bass available for hire for an extra £4 per hour.


Quote for recordings using our equipment and one of our engineers can be provided via email to for a quote or to book a session. . Prices vary depending on your requirements.

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