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BLACK HISTORY MONTH: Cleveland Watkiss Trio

Great singer launches a new project.

Since the 1980s, Cleveland has been known as one of the most dynamic and imaginative singers and producers. His use of multi-effects on his voice are mesmerising. And he makes the spine tingle when one hears his versions of Stevie Wonder or jazz standards. He is also one of the leading lights of our monthly Freedom sessions.

This new Italian based trio of: Piano/Electronics Antonio Figura: Voice/Electronics
Cleveland Watkiss: & Alto Sax Paolo Recchia,brings together 3 mighty explorers of sound,melody and electronica!
new compositions are shaped by cleveland’s ability to create spontaneous vocal beats and baselines, setting off one of the most beautiful Alto sax sounds around today- young Paolo Recchia, adding Antonio’s touch and deep sophistication, the trio already sound like they’ve been performing together for a very long time.
This appearance at the vortex tonight, will be their fourth gig together! not to be missed.
This event is supported by Hackney Roots.

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