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Rave reviews for The Necks, Vortex City Sessions

A special spring installment of the Vortex City Sessions at the Bishopsgate Institute took place on Friday 21st March 2014. Here are what the critics had to say:

“Drawing the line from Asian music to serial composers, The Necks purvey a stealthy trance that feels as electric as it does acoustic, with an underlying aesthetic that is jazz rather than jazzy.” Kevin Legendre, Jazzwise

5 star review:  “This is challenging music that is also inviting, inclusive and accessible. At times, the range of sound they create is so startling that it is hard to accept that it is coming from an acoustic trio.” Daniel Paton, Music OMH

“…there was a very real sense of the audience allowing themselves to be lifted away by the music, following the Necks wherever they decided to take us…” Phil Barnes, All About Jazz

“The Necks just are, like a force of nature, like a Platonic solid stripped of all its essentialist overtones, a quintessential being made manifest before the faithful’s eyes and ears. ” Linus Tossio, Freq

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