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Peter Freeman’s June recommendations

Peter Freeman is a ‘stalwart’ of the scene. Out at a gig almost every night of the month. His recommendations are worth being aware of. Great taste, but especially as it isn’t easy getting hold of what’s on in a straightforward format.


1st  Tony Kofi/Alan Barnes – Lauderdale House, Highgate Hill
2nd  Roger Turner – Cafe Oto, Ashwin Street, Dalston
4th Tori Handsley Trio – Total Refreshment Centre, Stoke Newington
4th (3.30) Hannah Marshall – Hundred Years Gallery
6th Alex Merritt – Vortex
7th Francois Carrier/Alexander Hawkins etc – Vortex
8th Pigfoot – Karamel
8th John Law – Vortex
9th Mike Chillingworth; Crowley/Luft/Giles – Con Cellar Bar
10th Brandon Allen – Ronnie Scotts (late show)
13th Jeff Williams – Vortex
14th Olie Brice Quintet – Vortex
15th Alexi Tuomarila – Kings Place
15th Art of Improvisers – Cafe Oto
16th Glasshopper
16th Greg Osby – St Johns Church
18th Cleveland Watkiss/Benet McLean – Vortex
19th Calum Gourlay Big Band – Vortex
21st Julie Kjaer/John Edwards/Steve Noble – Cafe Oto
22nd Evan Parker – Vortex
23rd Profoundly Blue – Botany Bay
24th LUME Festival – Iklektik
25th Binker and Moses – Total Refreshment Centre
25th Andrew Plummer – The Depot
26th Matt Ridley/Jason Yarde – Cockpit
27th Loz Speyer’s Inner Space – Vortex
28th Pete Hurt Jazz Orchestra – Vortex
29th Dice Factory; Ant Law Trio – Iklecktik
30th Deep Trouble Trio – Smokey Joe
30th Sloth Racket – Cambridge Unitarian Church


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