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Bastian Stein Trio feat. Julius Gawlik

Doors 7:45 PM, Music 8:30 PM – 2 set(s) of music



Bastian Stein – Trumpet

Julius Gawlik – Tenor Saxophone

Phil Donkin – Double Bass

James Maddren – Drums



The musical universe of the quartet, unfolds from the first notes into a breathtaking affair. They elevate the dense interplay to the highest common level, where every moment is permeated with intense interaction. In doing so, they unite the great compositional forms with the spontaneous moment. Together they always find the right balance between the fully developed sound space and the playful moment. Their interplay is characterized by a harmonious symbiosis that allows them to inspire and inspire each other. In the process, a captivating dynamic unfolds, captivating the listener and taking them on an unforgettable journey.

James Maddren is known for his lyrical and expressive virtuoso style. Together with Phil Donkin they are not only rhythm section but part of a powerful dialogue.

Bastian Stein’s compositional work and playing are equally characterized by a strong narrative force that provides the ideal framework for virtuosic flights of fancy. His warm and effortless sound, as well as his technical flexibility and expressive playing, blend perfectly with the brilliant playing of Donkin and Maddren.

Julius Gawlik adds another multi-faceted nuance to the trio, harmoniously complementing the passionate and impulsive nature of his colleagues. In 2014, Gawlik was awarded a scholarship from Temple University in Philadelphia as an outstanding soloist; in 2019, he received the JIB Jazz Prize from the Karl Hofer Gesellschaft Berlin. Since August 2021, Gawlik has been a permanent member of the NDR Big Band as tenor saxophonist.


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