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Cleveland Watkiss UK All Stars

Vocalist, Actor, Composer, Educator & Activist, one of the founding members of Freedom: The Art of Improvisation, Cleveland Watkiss- MBE, has assembled some of the most prolific musicians, active on the UK music scene today.

This line up of the CW UK All Stars includes:  Orphy Robinson- MBE (vibes & electronics), Neil Charles (bass), Mark Sanders (drums) Cleveland (voice, poetry, drama, & electronics) the band explores his very open approach to Improvisation/spontaneous composition.

What you will hear is their lived experiences, soundscapes which take in the vast world influences of their heritage – Caribbean Music: Dub,Soul,Reggae,Jungle/Drum & Bass,Jazz,Grime,Poetry,Classical & Pop, Dubstep,Hiphop. A sonic blend,that could only come from the cosmopolitan epicentre that is the UK. Be prepared to explore and journey with them-to the unknown.”

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