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Shiver + Matthew Bourne Synthesizer Show

Chris Sharkey’s Shiver

Chris Sharkey is ‘one of the most exciting guitarists on the UK scene’ (Jazzwise) and has spent the last decade performing in some of the UK’s most cutting-edge yet accessible jazz/improvisation groups such as Acoustic Ladyland and trioVD.

With Shiver, Chris sets out to further blur boundaries between improvisation, post-rock and electronica. Like a mixture of Supersilent, Tortoise, Hendrix and Flying Lotus, the music is powerful, groovy, dynamic and anthemic.

The lineup is completed by Andy Champion on bass guitar and Joost Hendricks on drums/electronics

‘Shiver were bleedin’ brilliant – a band who make your inner organs vibrate.’ Jez Nelson, BBC Radio 3’s Jazz on 3

‘Packed with drama and beautifully nuanced, Shiver had just become the surprise package of the festival.’ Jazz Journal

‘This is a trio as exciting as it is assured; as tight as it is flexible. It ticked all those boxes with aplomb.’ – The Jazz Breakfast

Bourne Synthesizer Show

“The title of this project is a homage to the pioneering work of Annette Peacock and Paul Bley (as The Bley/Peacock Synthesizer Show). The Bourne Synthesizer Show, as its name suggests, is a solo show using only vintage analogue synthesizers – including the legendary Memorymoog analogue synthesizer (as modified by Rudi Linhard’s LAMM modification), with other selected Moog and Korg analogue keyboards.

Expect a sonic journey through voltage-controlled circuits, ear-splitting frequencies, passages reminiscent of John Carpenter-esque 80s soundtracks and the unmistakable warmth and bass that only voltage-controlled oscillators can produce.”

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