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Artist: Kit Downes


Kit Downes is a British Jazz pianist who studied at both the Royal Academy of Music and the Purcell School of Music.  He began living and playing in London at age 18 where he started meeting and playing with his peers Calum Gourlay, James Maddren who make up his current trio.  He toured with the Empirical group through Canada and the USA.  While touring he played in The North Sea Jazz Festival, The JVC Festivals in New York as well as various other festivals throughout the tour.  He then went on to leave the Empirical and make the prog jazz group Troyka while continuing to work with the Kit Downes Trio.  This trio has played in both the 2008 and 2009 London Jazz Festival.  Kit Downes newest project is the quintet which has been described as at once both dark and detailed, colourful and chaotic.

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Sat 10 May 2014

Kit Downes & Lucy Railton’s Tricko Tareco + MOTIF

Kit Downes & Lucy Railton’s Tricko Tareco Having met playing with composer Thomas Strønen, UK pianist Kit Downes and Norwegian bassist Ole Morten Vågan are touring their two ensembles together in the UK and Norway. Tonight’s show will feature one [...]