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Mike Gibbs – 25 and 27 September. Celebrating his 80th birthday

Mike Gibbs is one of the great influential spirits on jazz composing and arranging (especially for big band) from this country. He arrived here at the end of the 1960s as a trombonist out of Berklee, originally from Rhodesia, as it was still known then. Already he had worked extensively with the likes of Gary Burton.

Subsequently his skills have been more as arranger and composer, for the likes of Michael Jackson, Joni Mitchell and Bill Frisell. He works regularly for all the major big bands in Germany (such as NDR and WDR)

Only Chrome Waterfall Orchestra:

It’s going to be a privilege to be able to celebrate his 80th birthday in London with an all-star big band. Line-up to follow, but it will include Julian Siegel, Hans Koller, Mike Walker, Mark Nightingale, Michael Janisch and many others.

And here he is from 1970:

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