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Anders Helmerson

Anders Helmerson – Piano

Christian Grassart – Drums

Lucas Chyla – Electric Bass


Born in Sweden, ANDERS HELMERSON started out studying classical music in Demark and Sweden. He became interested in Progressive music, and dabbled in some recording while in Stockholm. After school he spent three years on his debut. The result was 1981’s “The End of Illusion.” It failed to take off, so he did. Canada was his next stop, but success was still elusive. Disheartened, in 1987 he returned to Sweden and entered medical school. During this time, there was new interest in “The End of Illusion.” It was on its way to cult status, so Helmerson cut a re-release deal with Musea in 1995. Still, he did not return to music. While serving as a ship’s doctor, he discovered Rio de Janeiro. This is where he finally found a home. It also inspired renewed interest in music. He signed with Brazilian prog label Som Interior, and released “Fields of Inertia” in 2002. After this he started his new project with drummer Marco Minnemann and bassist Bryan Beller which ended up in the album Triple Ripple in 2010. After doing this show he decided to change for a more modernised sound and swapped the keyboard rig for a grand piano resulting in the Quantum House project. which has a more jazzy and acoustic temple, now ready to take of as a live show concept.

“… The virtuosity that surprises the listeners …” – Keyboard Magazine, Brazil

“… Highly skilled technical contents …” – Euro Rock Press, Japan

“… Musical mastermind – fuses jazz and rock to create a sound that amazes listeners with the power of superior technique and great composing.” – MusicDish e-Journal, USA




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