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Andrew Linham Jazz Orchestra

Saxes: Tommy Andrews, Phil Meadows, Riley Stone Lonergan, Jonny Chung, Andrew Linham
Trumpets: Barney Lowe, Miguel Gorodi, Sam Warner, Matt Roberts
Trombones: Chris Saunders, Barney Medland + TBC + TBC
Rhythm Section: Rich Perks (guitar), Tom Millar (piano), Andrew Robb (bass), Katie Patterson (drums)

The Andrew Linham Jazz Orchestra present original big band music from their first album ‘Weapons of Mass Distraction’ alongside a collection of new Christmas works entitled ‘Christ-Mess’. Composed and arranged by their enigmatic leader and baritone saxophonist Andrew Linham, this ensemble has been genre swapping their way into the future of contemporary big band music with original tunes unfettered by style and convention. Bringing together a wealth of talented music from London this is an particularly exciting performance as they premier their new Christmas inspired works which have never before seen the light of day and will leave you grinning from ear to ear.

“They play with guts and attitude, and manage to inject outrageous humor into even the most demanding of musical passages, striking a perfect balance between the sublime and the ridiculous” Ed Enright, Downbeat (Editor’s Pick) December 2017


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