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David Mossman, who founded the Vortex in 1988, died peacefully on 8 December in Margate. We have started a book at the club where you can leave your comments, memories and more
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Anselmo Netto

Anselmo Netto (mandolin, percussion)

Carlos Franco (guitar)

Hailing from Bahia in Brazil, Anselmo Netto is a highly talented percussionist, composer and Mandolim player. He is a magnetic performer that keeps audience enthralled. After his move to London, Netto quickly became one of the most sought after musicians on the London scene. Whether as a percussionist or playing Bandolim (Brazilian Mandolin), he’s been exploring new musical horizons and expanding his sound by mixing native Brazilian rhythms with a wide range of global influences which he has encountered here. Anselmo has been a special guest on Guy Barker’s World Cafe on the BBC World Service, and played live on the radio with the BBC Jazz Band.

Anselmo grew up watching his father, a singer, guitarist, percussionist and a passionate music lover, playing with his friends and when he was 9, his father gave him his first instrument, a Pandeiro (Brazilian tambourine). Since then, music is his life! This can be seen and felt when you see him and his quartet perform live. 


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