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Blow the Fuse presents Tomorrow the Moon

Blow the Fuse presents Tomorrow the Moon

Blow the Fuse opens a new season of ‘Tomorrow the Moon’ with an amazing double bill.

Ivy Benson Revisited with Carol Gasser / Claudia Lang – Colmer Quartet.

Musicians from the Ivy Benson band come to ‘Swing the Vortex’

Carol Gasser and Claudia Lang – Colmer are sax and double bass players who played with the Ivy Benson Band in the 1950s and 60s! Two of the finest musicians of their generation they’re still performing mainly in Cornwall where they live. We’re thrilled that they’ve travelled up especially for this gig.

A night of swing, latin, ballads led by legendary musicians from the 1960s Ivy Benson band.

Carol Gasser (McBean) sax/flute,

Claudia Lang – Colmer double bass

Simon Purcell piano

Buster Birch drums


Gina Southgate (paints, brushes) & Cara Doyle (bass clarinet)

The evening opens with a set from young bass clarinet player Cara Doyle in an improvised duo with renowned local painter Gina Southgate.

Live interactive music and artwork

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