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CONSTRUCTION Centreline Theory

Trish Kelly Clowes (saxophones)

Hilmar Jensson (Guitar /Alasnoaxis TYFT)

Jim Bashford Drums

‘Centreline Theory’ is the debut release on Leo Records from drummer/composer Jim Bashford’s group Construction. The music is a homage to Wing Chun Kung Fu and the internal journey of study within this art form and its relationship to all arts in life and the overall connection and reflection that has with personal vocation, study, discipline and ultmately knowledge. Bashford takes the discipline of Wing Chun (a Chinese style of Kung Fu) as a departure point in his compositional thinking, seeking to explore its connection with vocational creativity and thereon to life in general.’ “I started studying Wing Chun Kung Fu for around the same time i made a decision of a pivotal change in career from Construction to Music. With this music i wanted to express the relationship between both arts music and martial and how they compliment not only each other in theory but also in aesthetics of personal study as regards to discipline and exploration. Each composition has a relation to a certain concept in Wing Chun study and i wanted to find a way in and out of each composition with an element of written and free music which i think reflects the process of journey through the art” Featuring Tim Harries on bass (Puul)


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