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David Birchall / Andrew Cheetham / Colin Webster / Otto Willberg

David Birchall – guitar
Andrew Cheetham – drums
Colin Webster – alto and baritone saxophones
Otto Willberg double bass

The Manchester and London based quartet of David Birchall (guitar), Andrew Cheetham (drums), Colin Webster (alto and baritone saxophones), and Otto Willberg (double bass) began working together in 2015 and have recorded three albums and toured extensively. The quartet have forged an ability to push as a single entity, forming dense instant compositions that move from manic intensity to meditative stillness. Their most recent LP ‘Plastic Kneecap’ was released by Raw Tonk Records at the beginning of this year.

“Even in the realm of free improvisation, music rarely sounded this brutally physical.”Tristan Bath, The Quietus

“These four musicians have energetic and outstanding playing style – it’s based on avant-garde jazz elements and free improvisation. Experimental playing techniques, unusual and weird combinations of the instruments, contrasts between opposite playing techniques, sudden stylistic turns and waves..”Avantscena

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