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Dominic J Marshall Trio

Dominic J Marshall finds a piano trio format a very intimate and inspiring setting. The compositional approach to improvising has been one of the main elements of the trio’s work as a band, as well as Dominic and his band mates’
insatiable hunger for inspiration which they take from jazz, classical, hip-hop, soul, folk and everything in between. Yet, their sound has a surprising oneness to it and is definitely uncompromising and their own. Dominic has been sharing his life between the UK and Holland and so he has been running two line-ups in parallel. The new CD entitled “The Triolithic” brings these two ensembles and experiences together for the first time. Here’s what Dominic says about the idea behind it and the new music:
“The inspiration behind this music is: my life to date. The compositions are inspired by personal events, family memories, journeys to new places and the profound effect that our earth’s natural beauty has often had on me.
I decided to feature both the rhythm sections that I work with (the British one and the Dutch one) because it seemed a truer reflection of the process. My loving girlfriend, shrewd musical director that she is, was the first to put to me the
idea that certain pieces sound completely different with the UK group than with the Dutch one. At that point I realised I would choose the ones which felt best and record those on the album over the course of two different sessions. The music has grown with all 5 of us and I think the two different rhythm sections (6 tunes each) actually add a lot of sonic depth to the CD.”
Dominic J Marshall’s first trio CD “The Oneness” (2011, self-produced and self-released) was called “a striking debut” by Chris Parker of LondonJazz. The second trio CD “Icaros” was released on the F-IRE Label (“…certainly on a par with
any other piano trio I’ve heard this year, if not better. A five-star offering if ever there was one.” – JJ Wheeler) and went on to win Best International Jazz Album 2012 on TokyoJazzNotes. Dominic’s third CD “Spirit Speech” was released through Origin Arts in spring 2014. It has been called “an excellent, imaginative and distinctive album that repays repeated listens” by LondonJazzNews, and “Already an undoubted jazz highlight of 2014. Masterful!” by CultuurPodium. November 2014 saw “Spirit Speech” nominated for an Edison International Jazz award alongside Brad Mehldau , Mark Giuliana and Brian Blade. Fellowship. Europe Jazz Media announced the CD one of the most listened-to albums of October 2014.
2016 brings “The Triolithic”, Dominic’s fourth trio CD in his prolific, even though not so long yet a career. It carries a new quality with the two rhythm sections featured side by side for the first time. UK line-up features Sam Vicary – double
bass (The Cinematic Orchestra, PAPER TIGER, IKESTRA) and Sam Gardner – drums (Toni Kofi, Tim Whitehead, Jamil Sheriff, Jiannis Pavlidis, Mark Donlon, Joel Purnell, Stuart McCallum, Omar Puente, Christine Tobin and John Surman).

Live performance of “Leaves Song”:


“Ptah’s Vibration”:


The Triolithic Live review is available here:


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