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Match & Fuse Late Session: Big Bad Wolf and Taupe

Owen Dawson – Vocals + Trombone + Synth
Michael De Souza – Fender Bass VI + Vocals
Jay Davis – Drums

Mike Parr Burman – Guitar
Jamie Stockbridge – Alto Saxophone
Adam Stapleford – Drum Kit

Match + Fuse bring this late night double bill featuring London’s rising quartet Big Bad Wolf and Newcastle/Manchester/Glasgow dispersed scatter-skronk trio Taupe.


Big Bad Wolf is a London based band featuring washy guitars, ambient vocals, brassy hooks and deep grooves. This distinctive sound arises largely from the band’s consistently egalitarian process of group composition, where all 3 members are present from conception to completion of each song. Starting each writing session by recording an open-ended group improvisation, they then listen back, pick out the best ideas and then develop them into intricate and concise pieces of music.


Taupe blend shards of polyrhythmic play, exploratory improvisation and raw, high energy live performance.

Adventures on the rhythm wagon.

The group’s sound is built of influences drawing from free jazz and math metal to hip-hop grooves and post-bop, with a healthy dollop of skronk, all navigated down a path that seeks to blur the line between carefully constructed rhythmic compositions and explosive group improvisation.

Big Bad Wolf:

“Chill out music with verve”Jane Cornwell, Evening Standard

“Pond Life is a dreamer’s delight. Its care-free atmosphere and melodic beauty makes it easy to become enveloped in its warm spell. It provides a perfect backdrop for the mind to dream of the future, or it offers a perfect spark to light up and re-awaken long lost images of the past and last goodbyes” (Dutch Progressive Rock Page)


“There is no exquisite beauty… without some strangeness in the proportion” says Poe, and that’s true of what Taupe do. These three musicians are in total harmony with each other, however dissonant, and are a reminder that for all the poise and elegance of classical beauty, those gifted sculptors still revelled in rendering taught sinew and contracting muscle in inert, cold, stone.’Bido Lito

‘[Taupe] harness a telekinetic connection which allows them to flow between perfect sync an wild improvisation, just when you least expect it. Unreal.’Strange Behaviours

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