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David Mossman, who founded the Vortex in 1988, died peacefully on 8 December in Margate. We have started a book at the club where you can leave your comments, memories and more
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Marshall Allen’s Double Spiral Infinity Quartet (Late Night)

 Last night.
For the third night there will be just a single set. Unreserved seating.

The Double Spiral Infinity Quartet:
Marshall Allen – alto saxophone, casio vl-tone, electronic valve instrument (EVI)
Kash Killion – cello, double bass, sarangi –
Avreeayl Ra – drums, bamboo flute, kalimba
KA – piano

Delighted to welcome back Marshall Allen, the 93 year old leader of the Arkestra, in a 3 night residency
Other two nights:
30 November ( 8p.m.) with Black Top. Link here.
1 December (8 p.m.) Link here
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