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Eddie Prévost / Guillaume Viltard / Nat Catchpole / Jamie Coleman

Eddie Prévost, With Respect

Nathaniel Catchpole—Tenor saxophone
Jamie Coleman—Trumpet
Guillaume Viltard—Double bass
Eddie Prévost—Drums

In a spirit of adventure, a spirit of of improvising encounters, tonight Prévost presents a group of his younger colleagues. All have been associated with a weekly workshop Prévost first convened fifteen years ago. The workshop philosophy initially reduces music to its skeletal essentials and then searches for new sonic material; noting the meanings attached to sounds. Here, this band applies a relentless creative focus to jazz. Still searching. With respect for – but without clinging to – antecedents.

An early review of Prévost’s drumming (which coexisted with his ground-breaking percussion explorations with AMM – an ensemble which began in 1965 and continues!) noted:

“His free drumming flows superbly making use of his formidable technique, but his most startling feature is his stylelessness. It’s as though there had never been an Elvin Jones or Max Roach.” Melody Maker (UK)

Such an approach informs and inspires this thrusting new band. ‘Stylelessness’ developed into an aesthetic – a musical expression – of independent thinking and joyous action.

Eddie Prévost

Eddie Prévost is a percussionist of immense fire, grace and invention and one of the most important figures in British improvised music. Prévost was one of the founders of the essential AMM and has collaborated with the greatest improvisers internationally. He has kept a continuous contact with the scene since the 60’s and always manages to invent anew his contribution to “meta-music”.

“Prévost’s free drumming flows superbly making use of his formidable technique. It’s as though there has never been an Elvin Jones or Max Roach.” – Melody Maker

Guillaume Viltard

Since moving to London in late 2007, bassist Viltard has worked with many of London’s best improvisers, forming strong associations with the circle of musicians centred on Eddie Prevost’s experimental workshop, becoming a mainstay of the London Improvisers Orchestra, and playing in a great free jazz trio with Tony Marsh and Shabaka Hutchings.

Nat Catchpole

“London-based tenor player Nat Catchpole’s approach to the instrument perhaps in some way parallels Ami Yoshida’s so-called ‘howling voice’ technique. His unamplified laminal abstraction seems to be concerned with the basic building blocks of duration and timbre, in stark contrast to sound that is electronically generated and processed in the digital domain. He is strongly motivated by the political dimensions of freedom and his playing is simultaneously cool, intense and assured.” ONGAKU:enjoy_sound

Jamie Coleman

Jamie Coleman is an accomplished trumpet player and has been playing with Nathaniel Catchpole, Alex James, John Edwards and Eddie Prévost and many other improvisers.

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