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Estelle Kokot Presents The Longest War

Estelle Kokot – Piano and Vocals

Mick Hutton – Double Bass

Gene Calderazzo – Drums

Kate Shortt – Cello (special guest)

You will be hearing stories about Afghanistan’s poppy trade
THE LONGEST WAR (under the bridge). Mongolian warlords and the deaths of millions possibly causing global cooling back in the 1300’s
KUBLAI KHAN. A little tale about an online Lothario pretending to be single while living in the Algarve
FADO NEAR FARO. Pots, kettles and sheep (why call them black?), sticks and stones, smoke in the mirror and ash on the ground
MOFO aka Meal Online For One. A cheerful blow by blow account of Edmund Kemper’s not so nice handy work…
SERIAL KILLER. A true story about a builder turned painter
DEAR ARTIST. Another true story about an ‘(in?) famous’ jazz musician who doesn’t think he’s sexually abusive
HASH TAG GED (no means no)

“Thoughtful phrasing and perfect diction as well as a melodious voice. On all counts Kokot delivers.”- Gwen Ansell Business Day South Africa

“If you want to hear a genuine innovator with a creative twist on Jazz vocals include Estelle Kokot” – London Jazz Festival

“Standards and originals perfectly compatible side by side, Kokot is an excellent arranger of her own and other peoples’ material” – John Fordham, The Guardian

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