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Fete Qua Qua Festival 20-22 August 2017

Mopomoso –  presenting the best in free improvisation

Fête Quaqua 2017

Every year the guitarist John Russell puts together a project involving a group of highly creative and individual musicians to work together, sometimes for the first time. The idea is to provide a fertile ground for free improvisation, strengthening existing ties and making new ones.

There are three concerts, each starting and finishing with the whole ensemble. In between there will be smaller ensembles taken from the larger group and every night the performers will play at least once in one of the smaller groups. Each concert will have a different programme and nothing is repeated. The idea being that the whole event can be seen as a single piece of music that offers a glimpse into the creative potential of the individual participants within the ensemble.


The musicians taking part are…..

Alice Eldridge (feedback cello)

Satoko Fukuda (violin)

Matt Hutchinson (digital synthesiser/piano)

Ken Ikeda (electronics)

Paul Jolly (sax/reeds)

Charlotte Keeffe (trumpet/flugel horn)

Henry Lowther (trumpet/violin)

Pascal Marzan (guitar)

Rachel Musson (sax)


John Russell (guitar)

Gina Southgate (bric a brac)

Roger Turner (percussion)

Jennifer Walshe (voice)

Alex Ward (clarinet/guitar)



Monday 21st August 8.00 pm

Tuesday 22nd August 8.00 pm


Admission per cocnert £8 / £6 concessions

Three day pass £20 / £15 concessions

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