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Gecko brings together three award winning young improvisers. They create sonic palettes and textures of huge beauty and joy, and channel their personalities entirely into their original music. The aim is always to create something that hasn’t existed before, to use the unusual combination of musicians to develop sound worlds and luscious grooves that constantly surprise you. The influences vary massively, so you can never be sure what to expect of Gecko, there are moments of folk music, free jazz, classical influences, straight ahead jazz and minimalism, but all three musicians bring something totally different to the table.

The unusual combination of piano, vibraphone and sax/bass clarinet creates a different type of dialogue, a new way to groove and a unique approach to developing sound worlds. It can be percussive as well as calm, angry as well as jubilant and funny, but above all it’s the friendship and history between Jonny, Will and Tom that brings this music to a new level.


Tom Smith – Alto Sax/Bass Clarinet
Will Barry – Piano
Jonny Mansfield – Vibraphone

@tomsmithsax twitter and instagram

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