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Intakt Records Festival Day 6: Sarah Buechi, Lauren Kinsella, Hannah Marshall, John Edwards // Schlippenbach Trio

The sixth day of the Intakt Records Festival continues with another stunning double bill.  Sarah Buechi (voice), Lauren Kinsella (voice), Hannah Marshall (cello), John Edwards (bass) begin, followed by Schlippenbach Trio: Alexander von Schlippenbach, Evan Parker, Paul Lovens.

Sarah Buechi (voice), Lauren Kinsella (voice), Hannah Marshall (cello), John Edwards (bass)


Three locations interconnect the musical careers of the two vocalists in this project. Firstly the Indian city Bangalore, where both Kinsella and Buechi have studied South Indian music for some time, secondly Dublin the hometown of Kinsella and working place for Buechi for a period of four years, and thirdly London, where Kinsella has established herself as an important member of the vivid London jazz scene over the last few years and where Buechi has travelled back and forth to during a period of two years while her partner resided there. Eight years ago, when they met in Dublin, they quickly realized that they shared a common approach to jazz and improvised music and started experimenting with their possibilities as two singers in a duo setting. Now, with the invitation of the Intakt Festival London, there has finally arisen the possibility to reunite once more. They will be playing with two great musicians from the London Jazz scene, John Edwards on double bass and Hannah Marshall on cello. The compositions of Buechi serve as a vehicle for the band to weave in and out of written and free music.

Schlippenbach Trio


Alexander von Schlippenbach, Evan Parker and Paul Lovens – they are the icons of European free jazz. This is the trio of innovation, and also of the conservation and constant renewal of a great heritage of achievement in free jazz. “The immortal trio” is how Alexander von Schlippenbach describes his band on the liner notes for their newest CD, “Warsaw Concert”.



A festival celebrating one of the most imaginative record labels in Europe today. The artists on the label range from Barry Guy (who will be celebrating his 70th birthday in 2017), the best of NY Downtown, such as Ingrid Laubrock and Mary Halvorson, through the cream of European improvisation, including Irene Schweizer and Alexander von Schlippenbach, to the best of Swiss jazz, such as Lucas Niggli, Sarah Buechi and Andreas Schaerer.

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