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Uncanny Valley - Tom Challenger/Phil Donkin/Oliver Steidle. Next Tuesday. The apex of the London and Berlin scenes
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Jazz Alloy #5

Jazz Alloy is a project organised jointly where Swedish and British musicians meet and create, starting and developing new work across the two countries. The first so far have led to positive surprises and thrill. We were on the edge of our seats for the collaboration of Emilia Amper on nyckelharpa, Steve Williamson on saxes and Marque Gilmore on various percussion.

The rest to come are:

29th of APRIL 

Qarin Wikstrom (SWE: Voice)

Putte Johander (SWE: Bass)

Francesca Ter-Berg (UK: Cello)

20th of MAY

Kristin Amparo (SWE: Voice)

Rob Luft (UK: Guitar)

A joint collaboration of Musikcentrum Stockholm and the Vortex. Emilia Martensson is the main person doing the creation of this work.

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