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Jazz Alloy

Next collaboration is a brave cross genre mix where the legendary saxophonist Steve Williamson (from Jazz Warriors and a succesful solo career) will team up with the Swedish folk star Emilia Amper on keyharp and vocals, and the amazing drummer Marque Gilmore (Joe Zawinul, Omar Sousa and others).

Working with musicians so open-minded, we shall find a fusion of the traditions of Swedish folk history and contemporary jazz.

Emilia Amper is one of Sweden’s most sought after folk musicians, Swedish and American Grammy nominee, Norwegian Grammy winner, Artist of the Year at the Swedish Folk & World Music Awards, World champion on the nyckelharpa, awarded National fiddler of the realm and winner of the Nordic Composer’s award the NPU Prize. In her music, a deep knowledge and love for traditions meet an endless, open-minded exploration of the nyckelharpa’s possibilities. With her charisma, virtuosity and energy she moves with ease across stylistic boundaries and touches people in both small and big venues across the world.

The nyckelharpa is a special keyed violin, with sympathetic strings, going back to middle ages! Emilia adapts history to the present. If you watch the video, you get an idea about this instrument!

At the event, all the UK-based artists will be presented. The project is organised by Musikcentrum Öst/Swedenthe Vortex Jazz Club and Emilia Mårtensson in collaboration with The Embassy of Sweden and Svensk Jazz. Jazz Alloy is supported by Musikverket.

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