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Late night: Jazz Inc presents – Twilight sessions

Fronted by House Band Paul Westwwod’s Jazz Fx we welcome…

Joe Diodato Trio
Joe Diodato is an Italian born singer/songwriter and composer. His Trio
performs live original compositions, and also some jazz standards with
new arrangements including original Italian and Neapolitan Songs. His
repertoire consists of English, Italian, and Spanish. Joe’s EP “Ma’
Groove” combines classic jazz and swing with contemporary funk and soul,
and was influenced by his collaboration with emerging artists from the
London jazz scene. His debut EP has been recorded in London.

DJ Sterling Reigns
Sterling is known nationally and internationally having toured with
artists such as Naughty by nature, Shabba Ranks and Mary J Blige. As
part of the UK Hip hop pioneering group Hard II KILL, their EP Massacre
was featured on MTV special with Fab Five Freddy on UK Hip-hop.

Using his Hip-hop influence as a Turntablist he incorporates all forms
of music through DJ’ing  Jazz, Funk, Soul, Afro-Beats and UK grime. He
fuses all elements and delivers live mixes on the fly creating
soundscapes that you can’t help but nod your head and dance to. He has
been resident DJ for many Clubs and Bars over the years as well as
appearing at Major festivals in the UK.

Sterling is no stranger to Visual DJ’ing for dance shows as a backdrop
to the performances using Serato and Nuvj to accomplish the task. This
is an element that he has developed and worked successfully with many
music and dance companies and artists at major venues. Whether its
Vinyl, CDjs or Controllers Sterling is at home with all the latest
technology as well as keeping the Traditions of turntablism in its
rawest form.

Sterling is also an educator, using his creativity to deliver workshops
and master-classes for emerging and established musicians to follow a
pathway into the industry. He prides himself on creating a musical
community that encourages ownership, creativity, industry discussions
and leadership.

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