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John Martin’s Hidden Notes

The Hidden Notes offers a window into a new and unique sound world. It is a celebration of the saxophone and all the beautiful colours that are hidden just beneath the surface.

The project has grown out of an in-depth study of advanced saxophone techniques, and is the culmination of several years’ work spent developing a tonal approach to multiphonics and overtone patterns. Through this process Martin has discovered many beautiful and affecting sounds, which he has used as a starting point for a new body of compositions. These sounds range from ethereal, delicate two-note whispers to rich full chords, earthy split-notes and powerful metallic dissonance.
Circular breathing then allows for the development of complex continuous rhythmic patterns. All of this combined with the natural sound of the saxophone creates a rich and varied soundscape, opening up many new exciting rhythmic and textural possibilities.

John Martin Tenor Saxophone, Tim Fairhall double bass, Rob Updegraff Guitar, Tim Giles drums & Ralph Wyld vibes

“The lyrical sway of Andy Sheppard, the atmospherics of Jan Garbarek, the pensiveness of Kenny Wheeler and the country-chime of early Keith Jarrett” John Fordham, The Guardain


“Martin’s is an affecting, attractively fragile approach… which imparts considerable warmth and emotion” Chris Parker, London jazz

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    Fri 26 June 2015, 8PM
    £13 advance/£15 door Book online or by telephone on 020 7254 4097

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    Wed 24 June 2015, 8PM
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