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Julien Lourau / Jim Hart / Dave Maric / Hannes Riepler

Electric Biddle is a new band, bringing together French Saxophone Star Julien Lourau, drummer and vibes virtuoso Jim Hart, keys and sound wizard Dave Maric and Austrian born, London based guitarist Hannes Riepler.

Somewhere near London’s River Lee and the Hackney marshes lies a vibrant and rapidly changing area called Clapton. At the heart of it, on what was once dubbed “murder mile”, is a small bar called Biddle Brothers which showcases an array of musicians and artists who call Clapton their home, at least for the moment.

After meeting a French Saxophonist (Julien Lourau) and a Serbian/Greek keyboard player (Dave Maric), an Austrian guitarist (Hannes Riepler) decided from November 2012 to transform his monthly residency there into an electronic influenced free-improvised event. An English drummer (Jim Hart) got the call to complete the quartet.

This new group, now called Electric Biddle, has spent several months exploring these new sonic concepts together, documenting every session and drawing from a stylistically wide range of textures, riffs, rhythms and group-play possibilities.

Electric Biddle have now defined their identity as a group through recycling and remixing their extensive body of work, evolving their rich vocabulary whilst keeping improvisational freedom and spontaneity.

The Vortex appearance will also be part of a documentary film made by Le Triton, Paris, where the band recently recorded their debut album.

The group receives support from Jazz Shuttle

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