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We’re very excited to welcome this band back to The Vortex, with their fantastic energy and kaleidoscopic musical influences, every show they do is absolutely spellbinding.

Kefaya is a musical collective founded by UK-based musicians, Giuliano Modarelli and Al MacSween. Through collaborations with artists from around the world, they have developed a unique voice that explores world-folk traditions through the means of improvisation, electronics and contemporary grooves.

Bringing together their versatility and extensive range of influences, Kefaya’s appeal is in their ability to fuse musical idioms in a unique and organic way. Their sound results from a deep understanding of different musical traditions as well as extensive collaborations with global artists. Their material expresses a deep social and political awareness, utilising folk songs and re-workings of revolutionary anthems.

Regular members of Kefaya include Eddie Hick – drums (UK), Kenny Higgins – bass (UK), Joost Hendrickx – drums (UK), Alessia Tondo – vocals (Italy), Deborshee Bhattacharjee – vocals (India), ‘Complete’ – vocal quartet (South Africa), Richard Ormrod – reeds (UK), Cormac Byrne – percussion (Ireland), Olivia Moore – violin (UK), Chico Perez – Vocals (Spain), Oliver Dover – sax/clarinet (UK), Matt Holborn – violin (UK), Glenn Sharp – guitar (UK)


9.30pm Doors

10.00pm Kefaya on stage

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