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Louis Moholo-Moholo & Alexander Hawkins Duo and The Mediums

Part of the EFG London Jazz Festival

Musical fireworks are guaranteed from an intercontinental dialogue between the intense piano improvisations of Alexander Hawkins and the extraordinary dynamic range of South African percussionist Louis Moholo-Moholo. Plus the beautiful sound of two tenor saxes and cello, with Vincent Courtois, Daniel Erdmann and Robin Finker aka The Mediums.

Louis Moholo-Moholo & Alexander Hawkins

“In the rich jazz history of an old lion making inspired new music with a young one, ‘Keep Your Heart Straight’ deserves a very prominent place on the podium.” John Fordham, The Guardian

Though representing two different generations of musician – the one, an established master and veteran of numerous seminal recordings and bands in the history of the music; the other, a member of a much younger generation, but whose audacious and far-reaching musical vision marks him as a major force in today’s scene – South African drummer Louis Moholo-Moholo and English pianist Alexander Hawkins have developed a special rapport over the past years.

Their duo captures an always-passionate mix of free jazz; South African melodies; Ellington; and much else besides.

The Mediums

“Mediums is the story of a set of music I imagined then wrote on the page of my childhood memories lived in the fantastical world of fairgrounds. When interpreting it, saxophonists Daniel Erdmann and Robin Fincker inhabited this gallery of strange characters who had come straight out of caravans and managed to give them life. As well as looking for complementary instruments to broaden the palette I’ve regularly played with tenor saxophones. It is in a way the twin brother of the cello and there is a natural evidence between these two instruments from ‘the middle’ where all the combinations are possible in neighboring registers.” Vincent Courtois
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