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Louis Moholo-Moholo’s Free Organisation

Louis Moholo-Moholo – drums, 

Rachel Musson – saxes, 

Pat Thomas – piano,

Nick Stephens – bass.

 Welcome return of the legendary South African drummer, this time with a new quartet.  We’ve become accustomed to seeing Louis play in long-established groupings on his visits, but this overlooks the vast array of players he worked with while living in London.  Sit and chat with him and in no time you’re getting a list of musicians he wants to play with again.  This will be closely followed by his asking if there are any new players you think he’d enjoy playing with.  This line-up was put together during one of these conversations.  It reunites Louis with two past collaborators: Pat Thomas – a brilliantly individualistic pianist who is (at last) receiving some acclaim; and Nick Stephens – a bassist, best known to older hands as the lynchpin of several of John Stevens’ bands, whom Louis works with regularly in Scandinavia in Frode Gjerstad’s groups.  The “new” element in the line-up is Rachel Musson – a saxophonist who was the obvious choice as she’s been astonishing everyone for the last two or three years.  If you haven’t caught her yet, now’s the time to do it!

This promises to be superb.  The choice is simple – either you want to stand round a bonfire in the cold and wet, or you come to us for sonic fireworks.  Unless you’ve got kids (a grudging concession) it’s a no-brainer!

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