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Maggie Nicols / Denis Charolles / David Chevallier + Laura Jurd Quartet feat Lauren Kinsella

Part of the EFG London Jazz Festival

Improvisations and sound games carried by Maggie Nicols’ voice, with the phenomenal duo of Charolles & Chevallier. The trio first met & played in France in 2008 and the complicit understanding between the three was inmmediately tangible; each speaking, singing and improvising as one. Tonight they rediscover that connection with standards from the soul and jazz worlds.

Maggie Nicols (vocals)
Denis Charolles (drums, percussion, trombone, watering-can, bugle and mouthpieces, vocals)
David Chevallier (guitars / banjo)

In support is the Laura Jurd Quartet featuring Lauren Kinsella. An intriguing, creative outfit of hugely talented young musicians who create an intriguing and irresistible soundworld.

Maggie Nicols

From dancer in the Moulin Rouge to working in a strip club, singing with revolutionary bebop pianist Dennis Rose, Maggie Nicols joined John Stevens’ Spontaneous Music Ensemble with Trevor Watts, later joined by Johnny Dyani and Carolanne Nicholls. She ran voice workshops at the Oval House Theatre, played in a rock band called Octuin. She became part of Keith Tippett’s magnificent fifty piece band “Centipede” which included Julie Tippetts, Zoot Money, Phil Minton, Robert Wyatt, Dudu Pukwana and Alan Skidmore. She started a Feminist Improvising Group and performed with Günter “Baby” Sommer, Lol Coxhill, John Russell, Annemarie Roelofs, the Australian Relative Band, Joëlle Leandre…

Laura Jurd Quartet featuring Lauren Kinsella

The Laura Jurd Quartet are an intriguing, creative outfit featuring improvisers, Elliot Galvin- piano Conor Chaplin- electric bass and Corrie Dick- drums. Drawing upon original compositions and traditional melodies as a basis for improvisation, this classic quartet line-up fuses elements of European folk, Jazz and Classical traditions, creating a unique and distinctive soundworld. Whether rocking out full steam or exploring captivating moments of stillness, this ensemble is sure to put a smile on your face. Tonight they will be joined by experimental vocalist Lauren Kinsella.
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