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Martin Speake / Douglas Finch / Oren Marshall / Mark Sanders

Alto saxophonist Martin Speake launches two new cds of improvised music on his own Pumpkin Records label with three sets of music.

The first set will be a duo with virtuoso improvising classical pianist Douglas Finch.
“He hears everything and whatever I play he can make something of it that is fresh and unique. It is very exciting for me to hear where we go with each idea, which is really the unknown. I love the tradition that Douglas is able to draw on. The whole history of classical music is there at his fingertips and he is that rare classical musician as he can improvise in the moment with that awareness.”

The second set is with tuba player Oren Marshall and drummer Mark Sanders.
“I have played with Mark and Oren many times over the years in different projects and as a trio. It is always exiting and unexpected as they are master improvisers bringing a wealth of experience from their collaborations including Derek Bailey, Jah Wobble, Tim Berne, Sidsel Endresen, Evan Parker, Charlie Haden, Radiohead, Bobby McFerrin, Hermeto Pascoal and many more.”

Watch the trio

For the final set all four musicians will all play together for the first time.

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