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1 May: Amok Amor - featuring Peter Evans. 2 May: Tonbruket - SWEDISH GRAMMY WINNER
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MORTEN SCHANTZ’S GODSPEED ft. James Mainwaring, Stefan Pasborg


Get ready for an adventure into the future with

Morten Schantz, piano and keyboards; James Mainwaring; sax Stefan Pasborg, drums

In January 2017 Danish keyboardist and composer, Morten Schantz, released his first international album, “Godspeed”, on Edition Records. This album has been applauded by reviewers from all over the world. Often compared to legends, Weather Report, Schantz has re-invented the music that used to be described at “fusion” and transformed it into his very own brand. It’s electronic jazz that points into the future. With ‘Godspeed’ the trio idiosyncratically stamp their bold imprint on the music in typically dynamic and imperious fashion creating music full of euphoric riffs and blissful melodic hooks.

Utilising an impressive array of electronics with all the predictable skill and virtuosity at their command this trio generate some of the most vibrant music to burst onto the European jazz scene in recent times.


“… telepathic interaction between Schantz, Neset & Eger – lifts the album into the realms of the exceptional (and unmissable)… a group that really turn heads” JAZZWISE (UK)

“Morten Schantz is a European jazz name we’re going to get used to hearing.” THE GUARDIAN (UK)

“Will we hear from a better trio this year? Nope” WEXFORD ECHO (IRE)

“A swirl of exploratory playing” LONDON EVENING STANDARD (UK)

“Extraordinary achievement …The last decade was characterized by jazz-rock reminiscences, but mostly it was missing animal energy and originality. I salute Schantz – “Godspeed” as that rare exception” JAZZPORT (CZ)


Read the following interview with Morten from the Londonjazznews blog:

London Jazz News:Why you are looking forward to playing Hitchin Club 85 and The Vortex?

Morten Schantz: London is an absolute favourite city for me and I am sure the late night show at the Vortex will be explosive. I have actually never been anywhere outside of London so having the chance to perform a show in the countryside of England is quite interesting for me. I have a lot images in my head from all the TV series that we can watch here in Denmark about the English countryside. I am a fan of England and can’t wait to meet the audience through my music. I hope they are ready for an adventure into the future!

LJN: Why is it called Godspeed?

MS: Godspeed is about a leap into the unknown, about risk taking and seeking new territories, musically speaking. At the same time to embark on this journey with top quality musicians that are also curious about making each night count.

LJN: Tell us about the band… 

MS: Stefan Pasborg is one of my favourite drummers and he has established himself as one of Europe’s most innovative drummers ranging from avantgarde to pop. James Mainwaring is likewise a musician who is extremely talented and who is on a mission, breaking down the borders of genres. I have never played with him before which will make these nights even more exciting.

(*) Mary James, who lives in Gloucestershire, is a jazz promoter working with Morten Schantz and others. Twitter @maryleamington

Saturday 25th March Club 85 Hitchin, 8pm
Sunday 26th March, The Vortex, 11pm