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Near East Collective

Near East Collective are a London based Greek folk music band. Our latest performances involve a musical trip starting from the Ionian coast, through the mountains of Albania, Epirus and Macedonia, stopping over in Thrace and ending in the musical melting pot of Istanbul. Our band deploys diverse and dynamic arrangements to faithfully reproduce traditional forms and give a new improvisational dimension to popular folk tunes. Let’s dance, sing and have a good time!

The following members of our collective will be playing for you at the Vortex:
Sotiris Georgiou: vocals, guitar
Kostas Glynos: kanun, vocals, percussion
Oliver Dover: clarinet, percussion
George Maglaras: oud, lute, tzuras, percussion, vocals

Music from 8pm.

To learn more about us, try the Near East Collective facebook page:

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