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For the second night of their residency at the Vortex, Nicolas and Lionel will be joined by Liam Noble, playing solo and also joining with the duo who will be playing a set based on Nicolas new album Rainbow on Edition Records.


Lionel Loueke is known as the renowned guitarist for many years with Herbie Hancock, with releases on the Blue Note label. This performance with Nicolas Kummert presents a departure from the previous times at the Vortex.

“Rainbow stands for an idea that was somehow present in my mind during the whole process of putting the band together and composing the music…” Nicolas recalls, “…the need to embrace differences and praise them, because we need every color, every single shade of them, to make the beautiful world we live in”. With titles like -Diversity over purity- -Rainbow people- or Nicolas older composition -Liberté- it is clear there is more then just music at stake.
Maybe it is also that sensible humanity that convinced Lionel Loueke, who is also known for his profound humanity and openness, to accept the invitation of a relatively unknown belgian sax player between his collaborations with NY peers like Herbie Hancock, Chris Potter or Robert Glasper…

The result is a rich, but never complicated music that proved very compelling to their audiences sofar… and this is just the beginning of a beautiful collaboration.

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