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Oded Tzur Quartet

Oded Tzur is a New York City based saxophonist, composer and bandleader. His work explores fundamental connections between different musical traditions and draws influence from the art of storytelling. Tzur is also responsible for the development of “Middle Path”, a saxophone technique that extends the instrument’s microtonal capacity. His second album on the Enja label was released in April 2017.

New album just selected as one of the 10 indispensable jazz albums in Inrockuptibles in France.

“If a curtain were to be drawn in front of him, no one could tell which instrument was being played” – Pt. Hariprasad Chaurasia

Oded Tzur – tenor sax
Julian Shore – piano
Petros Klampanis – bass
Ofri Nehemya – drums

Oded went through a long process of studying Indian classical music. “In a way, the album was an attempt to explore whether the contents of that tradition can be applied to the jazz scene of 2015 New York” says the saxophonist, “whether a raga can be placed on top of a moving bass and still adhere to its rules of melodic movement. And whether that would make sense.”

As the quartet continued to perform its music around the world, Tzur has gained a better understanding of these traditions and their internal dialogue. “The similarities are nuanced and hidden deep under the surface, but uncovering them is well worth the effort” he continues, “As Joseph Campbell had put it: ‘Myths are public dreams; dreams are private myths’. Music is a private dream made public.”


The Coltrane Quartet of the 21st Century – CD Journal, Japan

Oded Tzur is one of the great musical thinkers of our time – Wolf Kampmann (DE)

If music has the potential to tell stories, saxophonist Oded Tzur proves himself one of the jazz world’s premier storytellers on Translator’s Note – Dan Mcclenaghan, All About Jazz (US) 

In the way that Coltrane found the deepest possible kinship to religious devotion in a record like “A Love Supreme,” Tzur is finding a kinship just as deep and just as simple in essence with poetry and storytelling. The result is music of extraordinary power and beauty and, hallelujah, stunning 21st century originality. – Jeff Simon, Buffalo News (US)


“If a curtain were to be drawn in front of him, no one could tell which instrument was being played” – Pt. Hariprasad Chaurasia
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