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Philip Gropper’s PHILM + Nicholls/ Eldh/ Smith

Following on from the Berlin nights at the London Jazz Festival last year, we are delighted to have 3 more bands from that highly creative city over the next month.

First of these is PHILM. Led by Phillip Gropper, who was part of Hyperactive Kid, which played here in November (a concert broadcast on BBC Radio 3).

Philip Gropper – tenor saxophone, composition
Elias Stemeseder – piano
Andreas Lang – double bass
Oliver Steidle – drums

“The longer I play music, the more important it becomes and the more clearly I perceive what a band conveys, which message it sends out. This essence, which can be experienced through the transcendant quality of music, is what it is all about, and it is absolutely independent of style or set-up. Sole virtuosity, sole flights of intellect or the elevator-approach bore me – what I want is directness and aura.
I am deeply connected to tradition and constantly try to understand and carry forth its liveliness and fire – which could only develop in the context of its time; and thus secure the old masters their lasting impact.”


Dan was one of the instigators of the visits last year as a member of Loop Collective. So it is great that they are reigniting the relationship with this new trio. Dan is known for his work with the likes of Strobes; Petter Eldh particularly here for his work with Django Bates and Dave Smith for bands such as Outhouse and Fofoulah. But these are amongst many!

(Petter Eldh himself is back with his band Amok Amor on 17 November, with Peter Evans.)


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