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Red Kite

Mixing elements of electronic, jazz and classical music Red Kite is a sextet led by Danish pianist

Esben Tjalve. The band features some if the best musicians playing on the London and European Jazz Scene; Phronesis’ Jasper Høiby on bass, Jellymould artist and London scene-maker Hannes Riepler on guitar, Italian trumpeter Fulvio Sigurta, Ross Hughes on bass clarinet and Tim Giles on drums.

“Pleasingly melodic but also deeply rhythmic, easily digestible yet subtly challenging, and just full of good ideas allied to exemplary playing.” The Jazz Mann

Their new album “Theory of Colours” is an experiment with different colours in a musical sense, combining a composed score and improvised sections with synthesizers and various effects on acoustic instruments that can all be realised live on the bandstand. From cinematic meditative soundscapes to groovy noir tunes the structure of the music allows for the improvised parts to interact and co-exist with the written material and leave the individual musician space to create their own sound within the band. The music cannot really be defined by genre.

This is fresh, clever, well composed and beautifully performed music.

Red Kite has been selected to perform a showcase gig at Jazzahead 2020. They will be performing at the Kulturzentrum Schlacthof in Bremen on the evening of Friday 24th April.

Theory Of Colours is released on Jellymould Jazz, a record label dedicated to promoting jazz artists based in the UK. These include; Stan Sulzmann and Nikki Iles, Sam Leak, Paragon, Tommy Andrews, Hannes Riepler, Tim Thornton and Jenni Molloy

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