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Aurelie Freoua presents Resonances 2- Metamorphoses.


Résonances 2 has a mise-en-scene by Aurelie Freoua.

Advancing from the experience of previous Resonances and adding new thoughts and experiences based on live events and ideas, it aims to explore the thematic of metamorphosis: since generations, this philosophical subject has inspired artists in their fine art practice and writers such as Ovid in his ‘Metamorphoses’. This multidisciplinary performance will highlight the process of transformation from one art form to another and evoke the notions of evolution, fusion and reflection. A poetry performance will also take place as a narrative around these concepts.

Through the theatrical dimension of this event, performers will share their vision and interpretation of the metamorphoses and hope to challenge the perceptions of the viewer, stimulating their senses and emotions.

“Of bodies changed to other forms I tell.” (Opening of Ovid Metamorphoses)

This is the second Resonances at the Vortex. She also recently designed the cover art for albums by Raph Clarkson and Paulo Duarte. To look at more of Aurelie’s art related to music here


Résonances 2 is an experimental event merging live visual art, dance, musical performance and poetry. Led by artist Aurelie Freoua, the performances will take you on a journey of creation, improvisation and interactions between all these art forms.

This audio-visual experience aims to create dynamic and harmonious dialogues between different disciplines resonating, echoing and inspiring one another.

This event will feature :

Visual artists: Aurelie Freoua and Ley Loosh
Dancer: Ella Tighe
Musicians: Moss Freed, Sam Eastmond, Olivier Depardon, Otto Willberg, Alice Purton (
Poet: Shaun Rivers

Musicians will improvise in response to paintings by Aurelie Freoua and Ley Loosh, created live and projected. Musicians will ‘play’ the paintings as a visual score evoking the ‘sound’ of their colours, becoming musical notes.

All along the event, the dancer Ella will be improvising movements throughout the space, interacting with the melodies and responding to the visual elements; we will discover how the brushstrokes, shapes and colourful compositions influence the movements of the dancer. Painting behind transparent plexiglas, the artist will give the audience the illusion of being the conductor of the music and of the dance.

Objects like mirrors will be integrated into the mise-en-scène as well as sculptures previously created by Aurelie in order to place them in a different context and to give them a new life on stage.


For more information on the artists involved, click on their names!

Ella Tighe

Ley Loosh

Shaun Rivers

Moss Freed

Sam Eastmond

Christopher Williams

Olivier Depardon

Otto Willberg

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