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Sascha Ley & Laurent Payfert vocals & double bass

With an extraordinary musical complicity, the Luxembourgish all-round artist Sascha Ley and the French musician Laurent Payfert share an adventurous and effortless dialogue that fascinates by its immediate creativity.

Inspired by the boundless world of sound, their delicate and intense interaction sounds out the possibilities of both their instruments and compositions, while wandering along the crossroads of modern jazz, instant composition, popular and rock music.


SASCHA LEY likes walking along unconventional paths in her musical output, which is strongly oriented towards jazz, free improvisation, imaginary folklore and contemporary music. The German-Luxembourgish vocalist and actress studied in Germany, Netherlands and India. In parallel with music, drama and film works, Sascha has devoted herself in recent years increasingly to composing and writing, creating and directing interdisciplinary performances.


LAURENT PAYFERT, French double bass player and composer, has been trained in classicalmusic at the Conservatoire de Metz (F). Playing as a bassist in rock and funk bands, he gets into jazz and improvised music by the end of the 80ies, stylistically influenced by encounters with H. Van De Geyn, Ricardo Del Fra and Steve Lacy a. o. Besides the duo and his “Laurent Payfert Quartet”, he performs as a sideman and collaborates with stage artists and sculptors.


Our improvised music is a spontaneous invention shared with a responding audience. It is always lifelike; you work instantly with all your senses, your thoughts and awareness, inventing sounds that lead you to new shores. You keep discovering and composing on the spot without any safety net. Sometimes it happens that the sound actually creates you, the being, the musician, the Self. Surprise, shock, revelation, jubilation – you name it.

The two of us have developed this dialogue into a partnership of a very special kind. That is why we decided to leave most of our first album to instant compositions and to reserve only some of the space for songs that our audiences will easily recognize as familiar. The classical approach to music is surely nothing we are afraid of. We usually stick to the harmonic understanding of music and groove and beauty. However, the wild and boundless world of sounds keeps inspiring us time and time again to go for the complete adventure, exploring the beauty of music on untrodden paths.

Sascha Ley

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